Thank you for considering sponsorship of our club

Why Sponsor?

Junglinster Passion GR Club is a not for profit organization. Built around the goal of improving young lives through the sport of gymnastics. JPGR provides opportunities for its members from all Grand Duchy of Luxembourg to participate in activities that promote fun, fitness, the fundamentals of sport and competitions. Every attempt is made to offer programs that meet the needs, motivation and skill level of each participant. JPGR hopes that each participant’s life and character is improved through the challenges and successes they find through sport.

Your sponsorship will help us provide experiences that target leadership, discipline, respect, perseverance, and many other positive values. This is your opportunity to make a difference by showing your support of young athletesin our area in their pursuit of excellence through sport.

Suggestions to Support JPGR

  • Have your company logo displayed on our official competitive team warm up wear and t-shirts
  • Have your banner displayed throughout our meet, as well as in our training facility.
  • Sponsor the yearly club comptetion